Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"It's a String Thing" #44

String 044 with Neuron, Navaho, N'Zeppel, Nipa
This one came together so quickly and I really like the results.  I used a wavy Neuron grid over the top of the original string (string 044).  Then I worked to stay true to both. 
I added extra weight to the original string line to bring it out more because I really like it.  The patterns were used in spaces created by the original string but within the framework of the Neuron grid.  So each of the petals of the original string have Navaho in them, but it starts and bends and curves along with the Neuron grid.  Nipa in the center does the same, although I let N'Zeppel in the surrounding parts fit those spaces a little less true to the Neuron grid.  I used a heavier pen for N'Zeppel to bring it out a bit, too.  Then I shaded several of the Neuron spaces to bring extra attention to that aspect, even though the "squares" of Neuron spread into multiple patterns.  Then a little extra shading around the inside of the petal pieces for just a little more pop!
This is one of my favorites!